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Bad Mother F***er Speed Rope

Jump rope has made a comeback.  It is in!  Cardio, circuit training, and of course, CrossFit, all use jump ropes and speed ropes as an essential component.  It's no longer limited to children's P.E. classes and Rocky Balboa training montages.  If you're a serious athlete, you've entered the world of jump roping. 

The question is, how serious are you?

Are you a bad mother f***er?  

No problem - either way, this speed rope definitely is!  

The Bad Mother F***er Speed Rope is the less politically correct companion to the Momentum Elite by Momentum Gear. Bringing you all the speed, dexterity, and durability, with a lot more attitude. 

Ideal for Beginners

Like the Momentum Elite, the Bad Mother F***er speed rope is great for beginners! The lightweight PVC rope and aluminum handles are designed for speed and proficiency whether you are tackling single under's, double under's, or triple under's. It will carry you through any CrossFit WOD and more. 

Most speed ropes require retooling or cutting to adjust the rope to an ideal length. With Momentum Gear, you can just slide the cable to a shorter or longer length. It is infinitely adjustable.  

Double Under Perfection!

The road to double under's is not an easy one. With Momentum Gear speed ropes, you will achieve proficiency must faster. The Bad Mother F***er has been optimized for speed and ease of use. Total weight is under 4oz, with self-lubricating nylon bearings to keep your rope spinning with less strain on your wrists arms, and shoulders. 

Less time maneuvering a heavy rope and handles means more time focused on coordinating your movements.

Superior Durability

Momentum Gear has a patented manufacturing process to design some of the most durable speed ropes available. Handles are designed using re-purposed aircraft aluminum. Both eco-friendly, and badass!  The rope is a 7 strand PVC coated cable, made for wear and tear and no kinks (though it packs a bite on missed jumps).  

The Bad Mother F***er comes with a 3-year warranty on the handles.

Easily Adjustable!

Most ropes need a special tool to customize the length to your ideal dimensions. But when you're a Bad Mother F***er, you require no tool at all!  Check out the below video for details on how to adjust your rope.


  • Handles: Hardened aircraft aluminum construction, finished with Military Spec Anodizing, 4.5" length
  • Cable: 7-strand PVC coated cable, 10'10" length
  • Weighs 3.25oz
  • Self-lubricating nylon bearings
  • Adjustable without any tools
  • 3-year warranty on handles
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Handle coloring may have some variation in darkness / hue due to metal anodizing process

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