Women's Apparel

You shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort for cuteness.  You also aren't a delicate basic b*tch.  Maybe you're a CrossFit athlete, powerlifter, or daredevil obstacle course racer.  We get it!  

You want style with performance, and maybe to show off your hard-earned fitness body (a little bit).  

We got just WOD you're looking for.  We scour through thousands of products to select only high-quality premium threads and wears.  Polyester-blend tanks that stay light and breathable during a WOD, and reliable, flattering booty shorts and sweats.  Our stocklist leaves you just as comfortable during an intense CrossFit or strength day as you'll be during a casual rest day.  

The brands we carry all represent companies started by athletes, like yourself.  We don't work with big name brands that disappear after they make a sale.  We are part of the CrossFit and functional fitness story, and we want you to be too!  If you're not satisfied with any tank top, shorts, or apparel purchase you make from us, we'll pay for returns up to 365 days from purchase.  And that's after we pay any shipping for orders over $60. 

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