WOD Fever Brands


Our Brands

The brands you’ll find at WOD Fever are boutique, independent brands. Nearly all are proudly made in the USA, with a focus on eco-friendly production. We maintain relationships with many manufacturers to achieve guaranteed low pricing and access to the best threads and designs. Currently, our featured brands include: Anfarm, RokFit, Momentum Gear, Jerkfit, and RockTape.

Our premium apparel designers include Anfarm and RokFit. They are designed with athletes and personality in mind, for focused athletics and casual active wear.  Our jump rope brands are among the best in speed ropes and multi-sport jump ropes for CrossFit, crosstraining, and competitive jump roping. We have access to customizable handles and a full handle color wheel.  For your gear needs, look no further.  JerkFit and Rocktape are among the CrossFit industry's best.  We stock protective gloves, gymnastic grips, kinesiology tape, and various mobility products for your daily needs.