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How to Measure for Knee Sleeves for CrossFit and Weightlifting - Sizing Guide

How to Measure for Knee Sleeves for CrossFit and Weightlifting

Knee sleeves are an essential piece of an athlete’s tool kit.  When we’re maxing out a new back squat PR or pushing ourselves to an all-time best Fran time, you want to be able to rely on your gear. 

When it comes to choosing the right knee sleeves; you want a pair that provides ample support without cutting off circulation or sliding down your leg. 

No worries, we’ve got you covered!

Check out our easy 4-step guide to finding the right fit for you. 

Easy 4-Steps to Measure for Knee Sleeves

1.      Grab measuring tape

Something flexible that measures in inches or cm and can easily wrap around your leg. 

2.      Bend leg at a 30° angle

Knee sleeves are designed to fit your leg while standing straight and at the bottom of a squat.  Measure your leg size somewhere in between – at about a 30° degree angle.

3.      Measure leg circumference from about 4” below kneecap

Knee sleeves are designed to contour the knee joint and surrounding calf, quad, and hamstring muscles.  To get the best measurement, you’ll want to measure the circumference at the top of your calf.  That’s about 4” below the midpoint of your kneecap. 

4.      Reference knee sleeve size charts

We partnered with Rehband and RockTape – two of the top knee sleeve brands – to create some easily-read size charts.  Whether you’d like 5mm or 7mm, you take the same knee sleeve measurement.

How to Measure for Knee Sleeves Dual RockTape Assassins

How to Measure for Knee Sleeves Dual Rehband RX Knee Sleeves

What If I’m Between Knee Sleeve Sizes?

When people are between sizes, most prefer to grab one size down.  Knee sleeves always start out tighter but loosen up with use according to your size.  When measuring for knee sleeves, it’s always best to err on the side of going down a size, to ensure good support during heavy lifts and long WODs.

Should I choose 5mm or 7mm?

Knee sleeves are available in two thickness options – 5mm and 7mm.    

Each is designed for a different purpose:

  • 5mm – provides support while maintaining agility for WODs and metcons
  • 7mm – heavier protection for shorter, heavier lifting

If your primary goal is protecting your joints while pushing for heavy Olympic lift PRs, the 7mm might be your best choice.   5mm knee sleeves are a thinner material best designed for metcons and dynamic movements.  If you want to add some knee stability while focusing on your daily WOD, 5mm is the way to go.

Still Not Sure?

Maybe your measurement is between sizes, or you’re not sure to pick 5mm or 7mm. 

Share your measurement and reasons for looking at knee sleeves in the comments below! 

Let us and the fitness community give you a hand! (or a knee?)


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