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RockWrist Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are an essential part of your weightlifting or CrossFit gear. As you increase in strength and power, your body comes under more and more stress. Mobility work and proper technique will take you part of the way, but everyone needs to take care of their joints. In functional movement WODs, your wrists are often the most taxed joint! RockWrists by RockTape offer the best in wrist protection and support.

Designed for Functional Performance

RockWrist wraps optimize support and comfort for barbell and wrist-heavy WODs. When you're pushing for a new PR on clean & jerk or snatches, you want to treat your wrists right. These wraps combine clothing, velcro, and elastsic material to provide the ideal amount of sturdiness, while still offering room to move and breathe. You'll have the confidence to move through heavy lifting, while not feeling too locked up by a overly tight wrap.

Best Wrist Support Available

Supportive and comfortable, but still easy to loosen. This is a combination of both options on the market; a cloth option, and velcro elastic option. The cloth allows for tightness, while velcro allows for easy to get on and off. These wraps have an initial wrap of velcro, following by several wraps of cloth. Finally ending with an elastic band for around your wrist, instead of your thumb, so it won't get in the way. It combines all the best features of wrist wraps on the market, all into one.

Recommended by Jason Khalipa

The RockWrist wrist wraps were developed by 8-time CrossFit Games contestant Jason Khalipa.


  • Comes as a pair
  • Superior polyester fabric
  • Velcro closure & elastic band to secure cloth wrap
  • Length 22"
  • Width 2.5"

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