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RockTape Talons Hand Gloves

RockTape Talons are among the most well-engineered gloves on the market. They are specially designed to protect your hands during the most intense CrossFit WODs. No matter the application; pull-up bars, dip rings, barbells, or ropes, these gloves reduce direct contact and friction with your skin to safeguard against painful hand tears and callus rips. 

The modern-day bodybuilder, CrossFit athlete, powerlifter, and obstacle course racer are ideal customers for these gloves. Beyond superior protection, they are touch-screen friendly so you don't have to interrupt your WOD to check a text or change the song. The seamless palm design is made of superior synthetic material that holds chalk for an even better grip. 

Superior Hand Care

The Talons offer premium protection against hand tears and callus rips, while making it feel as though they are an extension of your own skin. Use hook grip often? No problem, the thumb has extra protection. Worried about your hands getting too greasy? There's vented side-walls in each of the fingers to keep your hands cool.  


The palms are made a synthetic material that holds chalk as well as your own hand. The chalk combines with a silicone beading in the palm for an even superior grip. 

Microfiber Sweat Wipe 

Never worry about a wet barbell again! The thumbs have a microfiber patch to help mop things up. Less time tending to your sweat and more time for your WOD. 

Touch Screen Friendly

Check your Instagram, run through your texts, or just change the song. You won't have to pause your WOD to remove your gloves. Touch. And. Go!  


  • Touch Screen friendly
  • Seamless palm construction
  • False-grip silicon ribs to help with Muscle Ups
  • Hook grip thumb protection
  • Sweat wipe
  • Vented finger side walls
  • Para-cord pull strap
  • Works with Chalk

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