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Mobility Bands by RockTape

Mobility bands are an essential piece of a CrossFit athlete's toolkit. Applications can include resistance exercises, warm-up WODs, mobilization stretches, and scaling bodyweight movements. They are durable, easy to pack, and can be taken almost anywhere. Whether you're a practitioner of regular mobility movements, or a road warrior; mobility bands complete your toolkit. 

RockBands are mobility bands optimized for rehabilitation and mobility. These bands are both durable and lower cost than most other bands. Currently available in five resistances and include a bonus movement booklet with corrective exercises.

Five Resistances Available

RockBands are 41" long and are available in five different resistances. Resistance levels range from 30 to 170lbs. Color coding for different resistance levels is below:


Bonus: Movement Manifesto

With your purchase of RockBands, you get a free copy of "Movement Manifesto", RockTape's official guide on how to performance a wide range of corrective mobility exercises and techniques.

Movement Manifesto shares a wide range of important techniques to stay healthy and mobile, including:

  • How to use RockBands
  • Detailed movement and exercise instruction
  • Breathing and proper body alignment
  • Differentiating pain from discomfort
  • A full reference section with more information about movement techniques


  • 105cm/41in loop
  • Five resistance levels
  • Packaged one band at selected resistance
  • Bands are sold individually
  • 100% Latex

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