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Mobility RockBalls by RockTape

RockBalls are a great way to perform self myofascial release with pinpoint accuracy. They are sold as a pair and feature a large spikey ball, a small smooth ball and an instruction book with release trigger points and mobility exercises.

Best of Both Worlds

Two is definitely better than one. The 3.5″ textured ball and the 2.5″ smooth ball give you two tools to break through tough tissues.

Conveniently Portable

Corrective exercise can and should be performed anywhere and everywhere. Keep your RockBalls at home, in the car, or even travelling.

Bonus: Movement Manifesto

With your purchase of RockBalls, you get a free copy of "Movement Manifesto", RockTape's official guide on how to performance a wide range of corrective mobility exercises and techniques.

Movement Manifesto shares a wide range of important techniques to stay healthy and mobile, including:

  • How to use RockBalls
  • Dangers of sedentary lifestyle
  • Corrective exercises 
  • Tissue release techniques 
  • A full reference section with more information about movement techniques


  • One spiked ball - 3.5" diameter
  • One smooth ball - 2.5" diameter
  • 100% Rubber

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