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Momentum Elite Speed Rope

It's a little different than running, not as painful as 100's of box jumps, but a little in between. Jumping rope offers a comprehensive high-intensity cardiovascular experience with a focus on developing superior balance and coordination. Ideal as a warm-up, or as a component to a long CrossFit metcon, it's an essential part of the functional athlete's workout experience. While a traditional jump rope offers some benefits to beginners and weighted training; a RX speed rope brings the benefit of efficiency and pure speed for a diverse range of applications. Momentum Gear produces the best speed rope in the industry; the Momentum Elite speed rope.

Great for Beginners

The Momentum Elite speed rope is great for beginners! It's lightweight high quality cable allows for speed and precision with nearly any WOD. This rope is designed as an RX jump rope for CrossFit metcons. Most ropes on the market require adjustment with heavy-duty cable cutters that make things more complicated and intimidating. With Momentum Elites, the adjustable rope allows for infinite adjustment, so you can tweak it as needed as you find your ideal length and pace. If you're a beginner, this rope offers the best of durability, utility, and style!

Best Rope for Double Unders

We know how long and painful the road is to double unders. The Momentum Elite Speed Rope can get you there faster! With its light-weight cable and self-lubricating ball bearings, double-unders (and beyond) come naturally. You'll spend less time fatigued from large clunky handles, and more time focused on honed coordination. The aluminum handles are strong, durable, and hold up to any pressure. The unique construction allows for old ropes to easily be replaced. Veteran athletes will find this rope suits all their needs.

Superior Durability

The Momentum Elite is among the most durable speed ropes on the market. Most handles are made of nylon or plastic construction, with fabric that easily frays overtime. The Elite's handles are made with actual aircraft aluminum. These puppies are strong enough to fly in the air - not many people can say that about their jump rope. If that's not enough, they come with a 3-year warranty. The cable itself is high-quality 7-strand PVC coated, designed to be kink-free over its useful life.

Easily Adjustable!

Many ropes require additional tools like industrial scissors or wire clippers to correctly size. Momentum Elites require no tools and are infinitely customizable! The below video offers an instructional demo to adjusting your rope.


  • Handles: Hardened aircraft aluminum construction, 4.5" length
  • Cable: 7-strand PVC coated cable, 10'10" length
  • Weighs 3.25oz
  • Self-lubricating nylon bearings
  • Adjustable without any tools
  • 3-year warranty on handles
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Momentum Elite's are manufactured without the pictured decals
  • Handle coloring may have some variation in darkness / hue due to metal anodizing process

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