Rehband Knee Sleeve, Black, 5mm | Rehband
Rehband Knee Sleeve, Black, 5mm | Rehband
Rehband Knee Sleeve, Black, 5mm | Rehband
Rehband Knee Sleeve, Black, 5mm | Rehband

Rehband Knee Sleeve, Black, 5mm | Rehband


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Rehband Knee Sleeves – Sold Individually

Knee sleeves provide plenty of benefits for weightlifers, CrossFit athletes, and other fitness enthusiasts.  If you’re looking to improve your fitness game, Rehband offers the best in knee sleeves. 

Rehband Knee Sleeves have been specifically designed by both medical professionals and athletes to create the best knee sleeve on the market.  Top CrossFit athletes like Rich Froning, Josh Bridges, and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet choose Rehband as their go-to for knee sleeves and compression gear. 

Fit Perfectly with 3-D Anatomic Construction

Many knee sleeves start off tight and loosen over time.  Rehband Knee Sleeves have been developed with a patented 3-D anatomic construction.  Fancy words aside – these knee sleeves contour to the knee joint.  No air pockets or bunching.  Tight around the knee joint, but comfortably fit above and below the knee to provide stability throughout the joint without limited muscle development around your knee.

Maintain Stability and Agility with 5mm

Knee sleeves are constructed with a variety of sizes, materials, and thickness.  5MM Rehband Knee Sleeves are built to combine both agility and support.  Constructed of neoprene, a material that provides varying amounts of rigidity promote both elasticity and stability while remaining lightweight.  It combines speed with performance. 

Protect Joints from Injury

A good knee sleeve generates compression in your knee joint.  A great knee sleeve creates compression, stability, and warmth.  All three elements protect your joints by offering both a mental and physical sense of safety.  Worry less about whether your knee sleeve will actually keep you safe, and focus more on your performance. 

Improve Muscle Coordination

As a CrossFit athlete or weightlifter, you’re constantly pushing yourself to the limits and back.  PRs were made to be broken, but your form and coordination should never have to suffer for it.  Rehband Knee Sleeves will reduce the strain on your knee joint to help you retain knee control and coordination, even when fatigue starts to kick in. 

Medically Tested, Athlete-Approved

Rehband has a long history of developing medical products.  With the growth of CrossFit, Rehband has pioneered a new line of knee sleeves designed by health professionals and perfected by elite athletes.  Rehband Knee Sleeves are classified as a medical device and seen on the competition floor in CrossFit, powerlifting, weightlifting, and gyms around the world. 

Approved for Powerlifting and CrossFit Competition Usage

Rehband Knee Sleeves are approved by IPF, IWF, USPA, and CrossFit for competition use.  Train with them and compete with them. 

About Rehband RX Line

The Rehband Rx Line is a collection of knee, elbow, and shin sleeves.  Over 60 years of medical and sport product development led to the creation of some of the best compression sleeves available.  Through years of research, patented product features, and collaboration with elite athletes, the Rehband Rx Line was created.

Choose the knee sleeves endorsed by top CrossFit athletes and experience the performance benefits yourself. 

Size Guide

Rehband Knee Sleeves 5mm


    • Sold Individually
    • Flexible 5mm SBR/Neoprene
    • Patented 3-D design with no air pockets or bunching
    • Provides warmth, stability, comfort
    • Reduce joint pressure, fatigue
    • Approved by IPF, IWF, USPA, and CrossFit for competitive use

    For heavier support, WOD Fever carries Rehband Knee Sleeves, 7mm

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