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¡Esquats y mas Esquats! 

¡Esquats y mas esquats! Some say the secret to life is happiness. There isn't anything happier than a peach-shaped booty! What's the secret to that? Squats! Ladies, whether you desire a more ample posterior, or some more strength in those legs, squats are your secret weapon.

No CrossFit junkie, Instagram model, or fitness athlete jumped out of the womb with their priceless derriere. That took work! And not the kind that means sitting on social media all day sipping a Pumpkin Spice Latte.  

Hop on the squat train with the ¡Esquats! racerback by Anfarm. Wear this tank everyday until you've got a booty that makes raunchy lyrics appear out of thin air. Just kidding. But it's a great staple to add to your wardrobe for CrossFit WODs, lifting routines, or cardio days. This poly-cotton tank is available in Lapis Blue and to any female who wants a little more squats in her life.

Key Features

  • 50% Polyester / 50% Cotton construction

  • Slimming fabric combines comfort and durability with great mobility. 

  • Proudly manufactured in the USA by Anfarm

  • Tumble or hang dry

  • Increases booty gains by 5-300%

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