Men's Apparel

You want both the best quality and the best value.  We've got both!  CrossFit gear, weightlifting apparel, and funny fitness shirts.  Whatever fits your WOD, we got it. 

These clothing are designed for comfort and performance.  Light moisture-wicking fabrics optimized to deliver a comfortable experience.  Most clothing companies pigeonhole their fitness lines to starchy high-cloth content shirts and heavy basketball shorts.  WOD Fever stocks only premium light-weight polyester blended apparel.  Designed to give your body the room to breathe and the comfort to move.  Save the Nike's for the basketball court. 

Every purchase you make from us helps to support the CrossFit and weightlifting community, rather than giant corporate machines.  Our brands are designed by actual athletes with roots all over the country.  Love the little guy?  We're constantly expanding our line; check back for new apparel, sales, and discounts.  

When you spend $60 or more, we'll pay your shipping!  If you need to make a return, we'll pay that too!  WOD you think?

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