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Clean That Sh*t. Jerk That Sh*t. Snatch that Sh*t.

Okay first of all, try to keep your mind out of the gutter here. We're talking strictly Olympic lifts - either you're a CrossFitter or your school's weights coach has you on a lifting routine from the 1900's. Now we don't want to jerk anybody around or get any snatches in a knot, so we'll keep it clean. 

Wear this shirt any day you do Olympic lifts or a CrossFit barbell WOD. Doesn't matter the weight, it doesn't faze you. Line up to the bar and throw that sh*t into the air with the grace of a gorilla in ballet shoes, courtesy of this funny weightlifting shirt.  

Key Features

  • 75/25 Polyester/Cotton for the perfect athletic fit

  • Light, breatheable knitted fabric

  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

  • Tumble or hang dry

Stay focused and power through with perfect form. That Sh*t shirt will bring you the extra 10% for your next Olympic lift PR or CrossFit WOD. 

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