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WODies: The Hand Grips for CrossFit® and Gymnastics Athletes

As a CrossFit athlete, your hands take a lot of damage. Pull-ups, toes-to-bar, high volume barbell movements and more. Palms, calluses, and blisters will wear and tear over time without adequate hand protection. While many CrossFit wrist wraps and hand grips exist in the market today - WODies by JerkFit are arguably among the best available! These WOD gymnastic grips are ideal for CrossFit, gymnastics, weightlifting, and virtually anything that involves a barbell, kettlebell, or pull-up bar.

Prevent Palm Rips with WODies

WODies are one of the few CrossFit hand grips that provide wrist support and protect the entire palm to the base of your fingers. These hand grips fit snug around your fingers to maximize protection and minimize callus or blister rips. WODies offer you the freedom of fewer palm rips so you can focus on WOD you do best! Make your hands happy! See them in action below:

Chalk-Absorbing Elastic Material

Designed by actual CrossFit athletes, these hand grips have been optimized for performance. The latex-free woven elastic material is composed of hundreds of tiny ridges to hold chalk and sweat easier to enhance your grip. WODies will absorb friction, allowing for an easy natural glide on the bar. On top of that - there's less break-in time and more durability compared to other CrossFit hand grips. More grip and less rip! See more in the video below!

Hand Grip Support

WODies were designed with a dual wrist wrap and hand grip combination for CrossFit athletes. The hand grip covers the palm to protect from callus tears and from unsanitary bars at your CrossFit gym. The wrist wrap component is elastic to allow for you to determine a comfortable but tight wrap around your wrists.

Sizing Instructions

  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Use with plenty of chalk
  • Cut finger holes with scissors
  • Measure base of palm to base of middle finger
    • Small 3"-3.5"
    • Medium 3.5"-4"
    • Large 4"-4.75"
    • XLarge 4.75"+


    • Hand-made in the USA
    • Hypo-allergenic latex-free woven elastic
    • Machine-wash, tumble dry low

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