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Nice Snatch Bro

Are you a bro? If you might get caught dead wearing a snapback, get too excited for fantasy football, or own a pair of boat shoes, you're probably a bro. Step up your attire and embrace the grace of this shirt, taking your CrossFit game and Olympic lifting prowess to a more fashionable level. Buyer beware; as effortless as it looks on the shirt, do not attempt a snatch in boat shoes.    

There probably aren't enough bros in your CrossFit Box already, and olympic lifting jokes can never get too old. "Nice Snatch Bro" makes a great addition to a repertoire of funny WOD shirts and gear. Wear it on snatch day, Friday, or heck, even your birthday. You're the bro, and you're funny. 

Key Features

  • 75/25 Polyester/Cotton for the perfect athletic fit
  • Light, breathable knitted fabric
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA
  • Tumble or hang dry

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