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I'm Just Here So I Won't Get Fat

This shirt is for all you funny guys out there. You like to spice up your workouts, bring a little pep into everybody's step during a WOD. You're the a**hole who likes to smile and yell while your training partners are grimacing in pain. Smile away, this is the funny workout shirt you've been looking for to fresh up your CrossFit game and grind through days of heavy singles.  

How much you weigh probably isn't a concern, but there you have the irony. Comedy is gold, and it comes in 3 sizes and 2 different colors.

Key Features

  • 75% Polyester / 25% Cotton for the perfect athletic fit
  • Light, breatheable knitted fabric
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA
  • Tumble or hang dry
We guarantee you'll love this shirt as much as we do! And hey, if you are on the heavier side, you're in luck! The shirt is manufactured using lightweight polyester for a light fit that won't hold you down during 100's of CrossFit burpees or hours of curling in the squat rack (you know who we're talking to.)

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