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Size Matters XXL Speed Rope 

Finding the right handle is critical on your journey to jump rope mastery!  The Size Matters XXL Speed Rope is 6", offering 33% more handle length than the average.  

A longer handle works best for taller athletes, or those who want more grip length during their WOD. 

Size Matters

A 6" handle offers more length, easier handling, and ideal for tall athletes. A longer grip means less slips during intense CrossFit WODs or crosstraining. 

Double under's come easier when you've sized the correct rope and handles. Handle weight remains very light weight (3.6oz), to keep the strain off your wrists arms, and shoulders. 

Superior Durability

XXL Speed Rope handles are manufactured with recycled aircraft aluminum. Given their light weight and thin length, they are surprisingly near-indestructible. A silver 7-strand PVC coated cable holds up well to wear and tear and is conveniently easy to replace if frequent use on outdoor terrain begins to tear at the cable. 


Infinitely Adjustable!

The PVC cable is easily adjustable, with a 2-hole nylon bearing that locks desired length. The XXL Speed Rope can be adjusted with no tools whatsoever, and cut to length if you desire a minimalist rope.

For a more detailed sizing guide, check out Momentum Gear's below video guide.


  • Handles: Hardened aircraft aluminum construction, extra-long 6" length, 1/2" diameter
  • Cable: 7-strand PVC coated cable, 10'10" length
  • Weighs 3.63oz
  • Self-lubricating nylon bearings
  • Adjustable without any tools
  • Proudly made in the USA

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