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¡Esquats y mas Esquats! 

We've all been there - you roll out of bed and check today's workout. Yup, it's legs day. Or worse; its benchmark day and 300 squats are on the WOD. Time to wake up those chicken legs - el diablo is comin'! You don't lift heavy weight and look big unless you go hard on squats. There's only one way to go - mas esquats, mis amigos! This will cater to all your needs as a CrossFit shirt, weightlifting apparel, or casual wear.

Your coach or training buddy will yell at you till they pass out to finish those last few reps. Take the power from their voices and put it on your shirt. We aren't saying this shirt will increase your gains by 100% or make you the next Rich Froning or Ronnie Coleman... But whether you're a gym rat, weekend warrior, or CrossFit athlete, this shirt will keep you focused and do all the talking for you.

Key Features

  • 75/25 Polyester/Cotton for the perfect athletic fit
  • Light, breatheable knitted fabric
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA by Anfarm
  • Tumble or hang dry
  • 25% chance to increase your squatting strength by 100%*

Add this shirt to your clothing rotation for legs days, CrossFit WODs, or because you love speaking Spanish. The lightweight polyester fabric will keep your clothing light and breathable while letting you focus on picking things up and putting them back down.

But hey, remember us when you hit that next PR. Give some credit where credit's due.

*Statement not scientifically verified. 

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