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The Oldest CrossFit Games Athlete: Jacinto Bonilla


CrossFit boxes around the world are doing the "Jacinto Storm" WOD this week in honor of Jacinto Bonilla, the oldest athlete to compete in the CrossFit Games.

Jacinto Bonilla turned 78 on July 3rd.  After a lifelong passion for sports and bodybuilding, he first walked into a CrossFit gym in 2006 at the age of 67.  While he knew some of the techniques, Jacinto quickly learned how rigorous the training was and soon fell in love with the regimen.

Defeating Cancer

His work attitude inspired everyone around him.  Then in 2008 he came down with prostate cancer. Despite eating healthy and training most of his life, he was sent a curve ball.  Luckily after unfailing optimism, an operation, and two months of recovery, Jacinto was back in the gym.

Doctors cautioned him about starting CrossFit again.  His first lift – he felt a tug in his abdomen and discovered he had a hernia that put him back on the operating table. Nevertheless, he persevered.

Jacinto healed up and competed in the July 2008 CrossFit Games only 3 months after defeating cancer and a hernia. He hasn’t looked back since.

The 'Jacinto Storm' WOD

On his 69th birthday, he created the “Jacinto Storm” WOD, modeling it after “Filthy Fifty”.  Each year, he has added another rep.  And each year, more CrossFit athletes have joined him in celebration of his remarkable fitness achievement.

Jacinto Storm
78 Double Unders
78 Squats
78 Push-Ups
78 Pull-Ups
78 Wall Balls
78 Kettlebell Swings
78 Deadlifts
78 Double Unders

CrossFit 1939

Jacinto is now owner and head coach at CrossFit 1939 (named after his birthday). His highlight of the day is still beating ‘kids’ 50 years younger than him. Happy birthday and happy WODing, Jacinto!

Check out Jacinto's most recent interview with CBS.


You can find out more about Jacinto Bonilla at his website, CrossFit 1939.

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