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Shannon Longfield Leaves Lupus and Medications Behind


A lot can change in a year.  For Shannon Longfield, 365 days of discipline and hard work led to losing 98 pounds, eliminating 6 medications, and nearly eliminating Lupus symptoms. 

In February 2017, Shannon entered Hellroaring CrossFit with stiff joints, difficulty doing basic movements, and uncertainty.  She quickly found a warm community and an inspiring coach who championed her goals and desire to pursue a healthier life. 

52 weeks later, and with tremendous discipline, Shannon went from being offered a handicap sticker to rediscovering her sense of adventure and training for a half marathon. 

After 52 weeks of tremendous discipline and effort, Shannon has gone from being near-handicap to rediscovering her sense of outdoor adventure and training for a half-marathon. 

Read Shannon’s inspirational interview below! 

How did you get started with CrossFit?

My husband was the one who really wanted to try it. I went along on his first visit to the gym. People were doing bar muscle ups and heavy back squats, I was like NO WAY! I was 125 pounds overweight and in horrible shape.

The owner was so sweet though and talked a lot about scaling and using CrossFit to be better at life that I decided to give it a try. I really never expected to continue. I figured that Gabe (owner and coach) would either make it so hard that I would quit or that he would be condescending and I would quit.

Neither happened, he scaled things perfectly and is probably the least condescending person I have ever met. Pretty soon I was hooked.

Where does your motivation come from?

My motivation is not wanting to be sick. I have Lupus and my joints are really affected. When I started Crossfit I was on about six different medications and some days I could barely walk.

My doctor had offered me a handicap sticker because even a trip to the store was difficult.

Within a few weeks of Crossfit and changing my diet I was able to start weaning off of some of my medications. I don’t take anything now and have almost no Lupus symptoms.

What's your typical training week look like?

I work out six days a week most weeks. Thursdays our entire gym does a mobility workout and Sundays are for rest.


How have you built mental toughness, and how do you apply it during training?

I would not have said I was very mentally tough when I started. But I made up my mind that no matter how hard I would keep going until I was finished or the time ran out.

The more I did that the easier it got. When I started to have injuries I applied the same idea. I go and do what I can do. There is always something you can do and you can always keep moving!

What are your 3 favorite movements?

I love deadlifts, back squats, and rowing.


How did your diet change after you started CrossFit?

I went all in when I started. We went from drinking lots of soda, eating out a lot and eating very processed foods to eating a gluten-free whole foods diet. Our diet continues to evolve as we learn more about fueling for performance.

Where do you train and what have you gained from your CrossFit community?

I train at Hellroaring CrossFit in Columbia Falls MT. My community there have turned into family. They have been my biggest supporters as I have worked to lose weight and get fit. I couldn’t do it without them.

How has CrossFit changed your life?

Over the last year I have lost 98 pounds, gotten off medication, made some awesome friends, rediscovered my sense of adventure and found my smile again.

I am much more active overall. We bike, hike, kayak, raft, snowshoe, snowmobile and the list goes on and on.


What advice would you give someone new to CrossFit?

Give it some time to decide if you like it. It takes a little time to figure it all out and get involved with your community!

The support and encouragement from the community is what makes Crossfit great!

What are your future plans?

I am planning to get my CrossFit Level 1 Coaching Certification so that I can give back to my community.  Also on my list is to get my first pullup and run a half marathon.



Follow Shannon's journey at or via Instagram @406chickgetsfit 


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