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20 CrossFit Workouts You Can Do at Home

20 of the Best CrossFit Workouts You Can Do at Home

As a functional fitness athlete, you absolutely hate to miss a WOD.  Somedays, our schedules are just too busy to make it to the gym.  Whether you have a fully-fledged garage gym, or only a pair of jump ropes – we’ve built a list of WODs you can do virtually anywhere, without any equipment or gear

Here’s our list of 20 CrossFit WODs you can do at home. 

1.      Mini “Murph”

1-mile Run

100 Push-ups

200 Air Squats

1-mile Run

Don’t have a pull-up bar?  The classic Hero WOD “Murph” scaled down with spin – no pull-ups and slightly fewer reps.  This should be more of a consistent sprint than a long grind. 

2.      Interval Cardio

10 Rounds for Time:

Spring 100m

Walk 100m

When you’re sick of weights and gymnastic movements – some high-intensity intervals will fire up your heart rate. 

3.      “Cindy”

20min AMRAP:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Air Squats

A classic CrossFit WOD.  Familiar and perfect for an at-home workout.

4.      Death by “…”


Choose 1 movement; Push-ups, Air Squats, or Burpees

Do 1 movement per minute at the top of every minute.  Each minute adds an additional rep.

Go until you can’t complete the required reps in a minute

Pick your poison.  This WOD starts out deceptively easy and builds up.  Great when you want a longer endurance workout. 

5.      Squats

300 Air Squats for Time

A quick WOD that tests your aerobic and muscular capacity. 

6.      Full-Body Sprint

7 Rounds for Time:

10 Push-ups

10 Air Squats

Run 200m

Short bursts of movements with high rounds.  This WOD will get you sweating quick! 

7.      Bodyweight WOD

8 Rounds for Time:

10 Push-ups

10 Air Squats

10 Burpees

10 Air Squats

A fairly well-rounded WOD.

8.      Hero WOD “Michael”

3 Rounds for Time:

Run 800m

50 Back Extensions

50 Sit-ups

“Michael” is a great cardio and core-blasting WOD.  When the rest of your body is still wrecked from Olympic lifting, this can break up some soreness while building up your core. 

9.      Full-Body Decreasing Ladder

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Rep Rounds for Time:




Quick full-body work.

10. Gymnastic Mastery

20min AMRAP:

5 Handstand Push-ups

10 Pistol Squats

For more advanced CrossFit athletes – this at-home WOD will trigger and test your sense of balance.

11. Well-Rounded

For Time:

Run 400m

50 Air Squats

Run 400m

50 Push-ups

Run 400m

50 Sit-ups

Run 400m

A moderate length WOD – great for a 20 - 30 minute workout and mobility session.

12. Core-Blaster

Run 1 mile

100 Sit-ups

100 Supermans

Run 1-mile

Take another break away from power movements and focus on your core and endurance.

13. Leg-Blaster

10 Round AMRAP:

:30 seconds Max Squat Jumps

:30 seconds rest

This fairly short WOD will light your legs on fire and have you wheezing fast!  Great when time is short. 

14. 8-Minute WOD

2 Minutes Max Push-ups

1 Minute Rest

2 Minutes Max Sit-ups

1 Minute Rest

2 Minutes Max Air Squats

Another short WOD for at-home.  Treat each round like a all-out sprint. 

15. Mobilize

1 Minute Handstand

1 Minute Hold Bottom of Squat

Repeat as many times as you’d like

After a tough week of CrossFit, we all need a break.  This WOD is low-impact but will activate and stretch your muscles for a good mobility workout. 

16. Distance Burpees

For Time:

800m of Broad Jump Burpees

Ideal if you have a wide and long space to move.  No one wants to do an 800m workout in a hotel room, or on busy sidewalk. 

17. Bodyweight Triplet

For Time:




Air Squats

Quick, efficient, and full body.  Treat this workout like a sprint.

18. “Fantastic 50”

For Time:

50 Jump Tucks

50 Push-ups

50 Air Squats

50 Handstands

50 Walking Lunges

50 Sit-ups

50 Second L-Sit Hold

50 Burpees

“Fantastic 50” is a longer WOD – great for building endurance.  It will be a full-body test and offer some good balancing and core work. 

19. 5k

For Time:

Run a 5k

When all else fails, just get outside (or on the treadmill) and run!

20. Upside Down

5 Rounds for Time:
:30 Seconds Handstand

20 Air Squats

Spend some time honing your CrossFit handstand holds. 

Wrap Up:

Whether you’re stuck at home, traveling on the road, or just can’t make it to a gym, this list gives you plenty of options.  You can easily supplement your CrossFit training week with these at home WODs, without worrying about missing a training day. 

Have some equipment with you?  No problem – check out our list of bodyweight WODs


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